Federal Rate Cap Legislation Markup will NOT include H.R. 5050 on December 10, 2019


Federal Rate Cap Legislation – H.R. 5050 and S. 2833

Your NPA Team GRC has learned this morning that the House Financial Services Committee Markup on December 10, 2019, will NOT include H.R. 5050. We feel comfortable in the belief that all of the hard work and worn shoe leather on Capitol Hill by NPA Lobbyist, Cliff Andrews, backed up by the support of so many pawnbrokers that sent communications to their Members of Congress, were in great part responsible for achieving another delay of this bill coming before the Committee. Thank you one and all!

Everyone must continue with their efforts to stop this legislation from gaining a foothold in Congress. There will be another markup in January, February, and so forth, so being ‘all in’ to make your voice heard must continue.

The NPA Government Relations Committee cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate your efforts! Please know that the voices of many do make a difference. Hopefully, we can take another brief break from the intense work on both of these bills and enjoy the holidays with our families, employees, and customers.

We will continue to keep you informed, and yes, if you haven’t contacted your Members of Congress yet, do not stop now…keep working. It’s not over by any means. This legislation is not going away. Please continue contacting NPA Government Relations Liaison, Fran Bishop, for input fbishopdp1@gmail.com.