Joshua Davis - Pawn Expo speaker

Joshaua Davis Headshot, Pawn Expo Speaker

Joshua Davis

Speaker: Ask the Experts

Josh Davis was born and raised in NY working at his family’s chain of pawnshops. He is a third -generation pawnbroker along with his brother and business partner Adam. Prior to the real world he was an Eagle Scout, Volunteer firefighter and EMT, and accomplished cellist. He Graduated from Union College with a degree in Computer Engineering and a minor in math, where he also studied at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

In 2008, Josh and Adam acquired their first pawnshop in South Florida and quickly grew from there.  Over their 10 years in business their company Gold N Connection LLC d/b/a GCPAWN.COM has grown to 8 pawn locations and 1 jewelry store, employing nearly 30 people. 

Josh has been the President of the Florida Pawnbrokers Association since 2014 where he ensures the Florida legislature doesn’t enact any negative regulations for the industry. He also serves on his local cities Civil Service Advisory Board, a County Medical Marijuana Advisory Board and Finance chair for his district Boy Scouts of America.