Myriam Tashey - Pawn Expo Speaker

Myriam Tashey

Myriam Tashey

Vice President, Professional Gem Sciences Laboratory

A Deep Dive – Lab Grown Diamonds

A former president of the Midwest chapter of Women’s Jewelry Association, Myriam has tirelessly promoted professional development in the industry. From participating in mentoring programs to teaching courses to the next generation of jewelry professionals, Myriam has been an industry leader through her poise and expertise.

CVD lab grown diamonds began appearing in the gem diamond market about a decade ago. Colorless lab grown diamonds produced by Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) are becoming more common in the market. CVD-processed stones are much different from the natural diamonds produced by geologic forces. They are also vastly different from the High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) lab grown that have been manufactured since the mid-1950s. Myriam will demonstrate how to identify lab grown diamonds and the various tools available to assist you.